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How Compass Group is building a workforce with Zero Wasted Potential

Who is Compass Group?

A global leader in the B2B food services industry, Compass Group provides delicious and nutritious meals to millions of people across 45 countries. The company is passionate about food and focuses on employing high-quality talent to deliver exceptional customer service.

Compass Group’s Australian arm employs up to 12,000 people across the country. It produces roughly 71 million meals per year, partnering with some of the country’s leading organizations across a range of industries. People are at the heart of its business, with a diverse and multi-skilled workforce that sets it apart from competitors.

Solving real problems with innovative solutions

Compass Group is on a mission to transform its people and culture function. Roughly 60 percent of the organization’s workforce are hospitality professionals, ranging from executive chefs to wait staff, food consultants, cleaning staff, and canteen operators. 

The organization faces many challenges in maintaining and growing its high-quality workforce. The global pandemic, border closures, and rapidly changing workforce conditions have meant fierce competition for talent and high staff turnover has become a reality. They currently face a talent gap, limiting Compass Group’s aspirations for rapid growth. 

That’s exactly what inspired Compass Group to innovate and bring in skills from a more diverse range of sources. Leading that charge is Bronwyn Carman, who recently joined Compass Group as its General Manager for People and Talent. 

With 20 years of experience working with people across different industries, Bronwyn is passionate about championing the ‘underdog’, seeing the value in people who don’t necessarily tick every box in the job ad. 

Upon hearing about Reejig and our vision for Zero Wasted Potential, Bronwyn and Compass Group met to discuss how our workforce intelligence platform could support her vision. 

“In my first meeting with Reejig, I just couldn’t believe what they were showing me,” Bronwyn says. “In my head, I was saying, ‘this technology can’t exist’, but after they showed me a demo, it became clear that it does exist and works. 

“We started talking about purpose and their motivations around supporting people. Zero Wasted Potential isn’t just a tagline for them, it’s a real mission they are executing. It genuinely represents what people who work for Reejig stand for. For me, that was really exciting.”


“Reejig gives us a comprehensive understanding of our workforce. The insight it gives you on individuals, their circumstances, and how they might be relevant for open positions is so useful for our teams.”

Aligning values and delivering Zero Wasted Potential

Compass Group’s vision for the future includes a committed and active diversity and inclusion strategy.

As a part of this, the Group has a desire to work with international migrant communities and is using Reejig to help identify how their skills are transferable to their business. Bronwyn is working with several organizations, including The Association of Ukrainians in Victoria in Melbourne, to develop sourcing and partnership strategies to identify and bring in new talent from these communities.

“We think it’s a real opportunity to support these communities, whilst ingesting real, tangible skills that will make our business stronger,” Bronwyn adds. “They have a wide range of skills, and we’re actively working with these groups to try and understand their situations and provide relevant opportunities.”

Beyond supporting migrant communities, Compass Group is focused on using lateral thinking to identify skills where they wouldn’t ordinarily look. Reejig is helping them scale this vision, giving them access to talent pipelines they wouldn’t be able to find themselves. 

Reejig is also giving them greater visibility over their existing talent. Compass Group has a large workforce, with 12,000 staff in Australia and thousands more overseas, so understanding internal skills and employee movement is vital. 

“Reejig gives us a comprehensive understanding of our workforce. The insight it gives you on individuals, their circumstances, and how they might be relevant for open positions is so useful for our teams.”

Fostering a bright future for Compass Group and its people

The Reejig platform supports Compass Group’s ambition for accelerated growth. Aggregating the entire organization’s talent and skill pools into one central nervous system for all talent decisions, allows it to build a stronger workforce. 

Reejig seamlessly integrates into their existing technology stack and people toolset, allowing them to gradually introduce features and get staff associated with the new technology.

It also frees up time for the organization’s HR teams, allowing them to focus more on value-adding and strategic business activities. 

“Ultimately, Reejig will help us scale our sourcing and partnership strategies and allow us to get better and smarter at recruiting talent. But they’re also just a fantastic brand. Its dedication to things like its independently audited Ethical AI has given them a lot of credibility in the market. We like to work with companies trying to change the world, with a clear vision for the future, and we’re getting that from this partnership,” Bronwyn concludes.

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Siobhan Savage summed up the partnership,



“We couldn’t be prouder to be partnering the team at Compass Group to unlock the potential of their incredible people and drive true workforce optimization. At Reejig, we feel a true responsibility to help people and businesses reach Zero Wasted Potential, and this partnership shows business leaders what bringing that mission to life can achieve.

Compass Group has an incredibly diverse workforce with so much potential to be tapped into, and we’re proud to help them target and provide opportunities to a large percentage of underrepresented folks. We’re seeing Zero Wasted Potential in action right here, and this is just the beginning of a very exciting partnership and journey.”


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