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Can technology and big data improve gender diversity?

The answer is yes, companies can use technology and big data to improve gender balance in the workplace.

As we approach the end of another calendar year, most global companies are evaluating how they have performed against their strategic objectives. For many, advancing gender balance in their workforce is one of their top five strategic objectives, but often leaders are bemused about what steps to take to achieve significant inroads.

Reejig's Ethical Talent AI and commitment to diversity and inclusion

Reejig is using technology and big data to help customers embrace gender balance as their new norm. Reejig’s workforce intelligence platform is powered by machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) it connects customers’ talent data, in one secure and unique talent ecosystem.

Our world's first, independently audited Ethical Talent AI, gender-balanced boost algorithms, and behavioral nudges, remove unconscious bias from the talent management process and provides customers with a more diverse talent pipeline, instant gender-balanced short-lists, and identifies talent that could return to the industry.


“We developed our platform with input from customers, customers that share our commitment gender balance in the workforce, not because there’s a target to achieve but because it makes good business sense. We look at technology and humans in unison.”

Siobhan Savage, CEO & Co-Founder, Reejig

One of Reejig’s customers that has an unwavering passion for female participation in the workplace is MYOB, a leading multinational company providing tax, accounting, and other business services software to small and medium businesses.


“We know that diverse teams make business sense. We are focused on delivering a diverse candidate pool for all roles that we recruit for. We then support our Hiring Manager to be cognizant of biases and to develop strategies that genuinely assess a candidate’s potential. All of this is made easier by drawing on our one source of truth/Reejig’s ecosystem for our talent data. It provides candidate information that goes beyond CVs and produces gender-balanced leads and short-lists for every role. Our high-performing balanced teams unleash innovation and drive our business success.”

Sally Elson, Head of People and Talent, MYOB

Improving gender balance is one of the many ways that Reejig is reshaping the future of work.

Our platform and intelligence also help customers to strengthen their talent pipelines, secure industry-leading candidates, reduce the time and cost of hires, integrate disconnected systems, and improve mobility, productivity, retention, and succession.

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