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Reejig Launches Talent Intent™ and Ethical Nudges™, Pioneering the Workforce Intelligence Category

First-of-a-kind talent management and workforce strategy tools drive market-leading organizational agility and performance

Reejig today announced the launch of its Talent Intent™ and Ethical Nudges™ to help organizations proactively and seamlessly connect their candidates and employees to meaningful roles and gigs – increasing productivity and capacity across teams and reducing costly turnover.

quote "The ultimate talent experience starts with knowing your people better than they know themselves, showing them their potential at your organization and delivering them the pathways that fulfill that potential. The problem is that most organizations today don’t have visibility into their workforce and don’t know their people at all. They rely solely on what candidates and employees are willing to tell them and it’s just not enough.”

— Siobhan Savage, Reejig CEO and Co-Founder


  • Less than 20 percent of employees fill out talent profiles and even fewer actively update the information.1 
  • Only 9% of organizations surveyed by Deloitte believe they have a good understanding of their workforce demographics and what motivates them.2

Talent Intent connects employers to their people’s skills, passions and readiness for change

Powered by Reejig’s Central Nervous System, which unifies and enriches employers’ people analytics to deliver industry-leading workforce intelligence, Talent Intent leverages millions of data points across an organization’s existing systems and external sources to continuously learn about an individual’s behaviors, engagement and interest – instantly and effortlessly creating a dynamic profile on each user to power a truly consumer-grade experience. The proprietary AI model then matches an individual’s skills, interests, and availability to gigs, projects, roles, learning experiences, and career pathways.


Ethical Nudges turn talent insights into action — delivering perfectly timed opportunities to engage and mobilize talent

With Ethical Nudges, HR leaders and hiring managers can now connect people to new opportunities via automated highly personalized and contextual communications. Ethical Nudges are sent just in time and in the flow of work, where people are most engaged and productive, to build a rich employee experience and maximize ROI across your existing HR systems.

quote“Employees and candidates expect a frictionless, intuitive, personalized interaction that serves up the right content, on the right channel at the right time so that the individual at the end of the nudge feels seen and heard. This is a business’ new secret weapon.”

— Siobhan Savage, Reejig CEO and Co-Founder

Based on Nobel Prize-winning choice architecture principles and fueled by Reejig’s independently audited Ethical Talent AI, these nudges are proven to be highly effective across distributed and hard-to-reach workforces. Customers leveraging Ethical Nudges experience a 232% higher engagement rate than traditional employee communications.

quote"Talent Intent and Ethical Nudges offer a ‘win-win’ to businesses and each employee. They reduce the noise of endless possibilities and spam-like notifications, replacing them with a smaller, more actionable array of personalized, perfectly timed opportunities.

These are not just powerful new tools in the Reejig toolkit – they’re a catalyst to a whole new talent-employer relationship. They remove challenging barriers to opportunity in new ways that reduce biases and empower more people to reach their potential, to the benefit of your organization.”

— Greta Bradman, Reejig Vice President of Impact and Behavioral Science

Talent Intent and Ethical Nudges are available immediately to all Reejig customers.

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