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Reejig recognized by the World Economic Forum as a 2022 Technology Pioneer

We couldn’t be prouder to announce that today, three years into our journey, Reejig has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a 2022 Technology Pioneer for our innovation in the world’s first independently audited Ethical AI and our mission toward Zero Wasted Potential. 

The World Economic Forum recognizes transformational growth-stage companies from around the world that are leveraging new technologies and innovations that are poised to have a significant impact on business and society. Past technology pioneers include Airbnb, Google, Twitter, Bloom Energy, Proteus Digital Health, and Spotify.


We are proud, humbled, and delighted to be acknowledged as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. This achievement is further recognition of our mission and the impact our unique technology can have on people, businesses, and society.”

Siobhan Savage, CEO & Co-Founder, Reejig


Our mission has always been to create a world with Zero Wasted Potential in people, business, and society; and our workforce intelligence technology and innovation in our independently audited Ethical Talent AI (certified by the University of Technology Sydney) is a key enabler to achieving this goal at scale.

A world of Zero Wasted Potential is one where people are seen, heard, and appreciated for the skills and capabilities they can bring to work. Adopting a Zero Wasted Potential mindset is of critical importance for leaders and businesses as the global workforce shifts from being roles-based to skills-based, to ensure there is no one left behind. The #ZWP movement is being co-created by leaders from around the world, who believe that every journey matters and that together, we can do more to unlock wasted potential for the sake of people, business, and society.

Why do we believe in Zero Wasted Potential?

Increasingly, human capital is recognized as the most valuable resource for many organizations, yet people leaders responsible for aligning skills (people) with work (jobs) have been doing so in spite of, rather than supported by, the technology available to them — until now. 

The world needs visibility over skills and jobs for talent and business to achieve Zero Wasted Potential.

On the talent side, job opportunities must be visible and aligned with a person’s skills and capabilities. On the business side, people’s skills and capabilities need to be visible in intentional ways, so that businesses can overcome any tendency to inherently favor people who traditionally have been advantaged by skewed visibility and opportunity.


We believe when there is: 

  1. Equality of job visibility for all people no matter their background or circumstance; 
  2. Equality of skills visibility for businesses no matter the background or circumstance of the person with the skills; and 
  3. A reduction of barriers so that their impact does not bias against traditionally marginalized groups from genuine inclusion.

…only then can we seek to work towards a world with Zero Wasted Potential, where no one is left behind. Learn more about Zero Wasted Potential here.


“It is no longer acceptable for potential to be wasted in people, business, and society. Leaders have a responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to a meaningful career whilst building the skills and capabilities the world needs for the future. At Reejig we feel the responsibility to help people and businesses move towards zero wasted potential, and we are already seeing the best companies in the world adopt this new mindset.”


Our recognition as Technology Pioneers for our innovation in ethical AI takes us one step closer to achieving our mission of Zero Wasted Potential in people, business, and society. 

As a recognized Tech Pioneer, our CEO and Co-Founder, Siobhan Savage, will participate in World Economic Forum activities, events, and discussions throughout the year, and contribute to Forum initiatives over the next two years, where we’ll be working with global leaders and decision-makers to help address key industry and societal issues and create true change.

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