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Reejig welcomes global talent leader and in-house work futurist Jonathan Reyes as VP of North America

We’re delighted to welcome global talent leader Jonathan ‘JR’ Reyes to his new role as VP of North America.

Previously the Global Head of Talent Mobility & Talent Acquisition Operations at Uber, JR has significant experience in senior talent acquisition roles with Commonwealth Bank and IBM. Our first major hire in the US, JR will play a key role in bringing our zero wasted potential mission to US customers.

With 20 years of experience growing teams in the US, ANZ, UK, and Latin America, JR is the perfect person to teach top US companies about Reejig’s new world of work.

Bringing a talent-first focus that prioritizes people has been JR’s driving motivation throughout his career. Having watched other functions like finance and marketing go through a technology revolution, he’s excited to lead HR through the same journey with Reejig.

With our continued expansion in the US and growing momentum, we felt now was the right time to have an exceptional leader on the ground in Silicon Valley. It’s the first step in our plans to build a best-in-class local team, shifting the way organizations attract and retain talent across the US.

And with many organizations struggling to attract and retain the right people in a fiercely competitive market, one of JR’s first points was that leadership teams have now gained a clearer understanding of the value of hiring — and retaining — talent. This realization is leading to increased investment in technology that augments the skills and potential of talent, not their personal attributes, and helps organizations switch to skills-based hiring — a shift JR will be leading in the US.

JR will be our resident work futurist; a vocation he sees as a verb, as opposed to a title. A true champion of the Reejig platform, JR will be using our data and AI-driven insights to shape the future of work; not just as a way of gazing into what’s next for workforces.


“I am so pleased to welcome JR to the Reejig team. He will play a key role in bringing Reejig’s mission of zero wasted potential to our US customers. Over the past year, we’ve been pulled to the US and have grown exponentially. So, it makes sense for us to have an exceptional leader on the ground. We have big plans to grow our team in the US and I look forward to working with JR to deliver some amazing results for our new and emerging clients.”

Siobhan Savage, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Reejig



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