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The HR Tech Reejig wrap-up

Reejig landed in Vegas for HR Tech 2022 — and what an event it was! 

The energy was high, the music was loud, and HR and business leaders from all over the globe were face-to-face for the first time in years talking workforce intelligence and strategies to unlock potential. 

The Reejig team had the honor of attending and when we show up, we certainly bring the magic! 

Whether you couldn’t make it this year, or you want to catch up on everything Reejig got up to, let’s dive into the ultimate HR Tech wrap-up.

Introducing the Reejig booth experience

We wanted to create an immersive, interactive experience like you’ve never seen before at this year's HR Tech.

The Reejig booth was your one-stop shop for all things workforce intelligence and fun. We’re talking:

  • Live demonstrations of the Reejig platform
  • The Reejig bar
  • Our 360-degree video booth
  • Raffle giveaways of a Meta Quest 2 every single day
  • The Reejig Reckons Leadership Series, live and on the ground for the first time interviewing leaders around HR Tech
  • The Reejig Impact Fund pledging station where you could gift our workforce intelligence technology to underrepresented communities for free with just a quick QR code scan

Haven’t heard of the Reejig Impact Fund yet?

The Reejig Impact Fund is committed to helping underrepresented communities unlock career opportunities, growth, and potential. The Reejig Impact Fund will donate Reejig’s workforce intelligence technology to veterans, skilled refugees and other underrepresented communities, with a goal to reskill, build new capabilities, and remove barriers to career opportunities for all.

Sound like too much fun to pack into 4 days? Here’s how we broke it down every day.

The HR Tech Reejig agenda


Day 1 of HR Tech kicked off with the opening of our 360-degree video booth, giveaways, plenty of workforce intelligence discussions and did someone say a scavenger hunt? 

That’s right — We partnered with our friends from Leapgen in the LeapLeague scavenger hunt where attendees were sent around a map, collecting cards from partners (like Reejig!) along the way with the aim to collect them all, spin the prize wheel and go in to win a grand prize!  

We had plenty of incredible leaders stop by the Reejig booth to try their hand at posing for our 360-degree video, learn more about how Reejig builds a central nervous system for all talent decisions, and to pledge our technology to someone in need (for free!) with the Reejig Impact Fund.

To finish up Day 1, we joined the LeapGen team and a room of leading partners and HR leaders for a night of cocktails and karaoke!


The Reejig team headed into Day 2 with the launch of our first ever live Reejig Reckons: Leadership Series. 

CEO & Co-Founder, Siobhan Savage, asked fellow HR leaders to reflect back on their careers and asked them one big question; what’s one piece of advice you would give to your former self? 

We spoke with leaders from American Express, Atlassian, Leapgen, World Bank, Talent Tech Labs, Hair Cuttery, Ziller Group and so many others to understand how we can unlock potential in ourselves, and as leaders, in others. 

Then we finished it all off with the opening of our Reejig bar, welcoming attendees to try a #MagicMoment Mezcal Mule™ for themselves!


Have you got a people strategy in your organization? How about a Zero Wasted Potential people strategy? 

If you only answered yes for one of those — our CEO & Co-Founder, Siobhan Savage’s session on building a Zero Wasted Potential people strategy from Day 3 was for you. 

Siobhan shared her story of experiencing first-hand the impact of not having visibility over your people, why she started Reejig to change that and create Zero Wasted Potential in people, business, and society, and how organizations and leaders can unlock potential in their people to navigate their workforces through any market and environment. 

Missed the session? We’ve got the full session right here so you can create Zero Wasted Potential in your own organization from this day forward.



We closed out HR Tech the only way Reejig knows how — talkin’ Zero Wasted Potential! 

Siobhan sat down with Leapgen’s Head of Brand Strategy, Jess Von Bank, to chat about how we create our quarterly North Star’s, setting out to solve the problem of wasted potential, and how leaders can gain visibility over their workforce to create pathways and mobility that utilizes every inch of your people’s potential.


Click here to hear more about how to build Zero Wasted Potential in your organization?


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